About us

A note from the bakers


Two decades of friendship and a common love of baking have led to kitchen chronicles replete with fun, laughter and of course a bunch of disasters!! Both of us have always felt strongly about keeping flavor the hero of all our creations…and extend the experience from friends and family…to You
The challenge of creating eggless versions of popular cakes and desserts yet keeping the softness and moistness intact has always been an exciting prospect for us. The desire to infuse our creations with different moods and textures has been characterized by constant experimenting and joy in the kitchen. From the magic of baking next to our Mom’s in their kitchens to whipping up new sweet treats in ours, is a journey we have relished at every step.
As home grown bakers we are proud of the emphasis and effort we put into flavor, quality and presentation of each bake and the gorgeous range of eggless teacakes, desserts and sweet treats we have crafted together. Looking forward to the next two decades of friendship and adventure ?